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I am a great believer in TMS, having seen a great many cases of chronic back pain disappear….In my experience, all chronic back and neck pain should be considered TMS until proven otherwise…


StosselJOHN STOSSELL, 20/20

For fifteen years, my life revolved around my back. I took time off from work, conducted meetings lying on the floor and slept with ice bags. I had considered Dr. Sarno’s ideas preposterous, but ten years ago I was talked into seeing him. I haven’t had back problems since.


220px-Howard_Stern copyHOWARD STERN, Radio Personality

When I met Dr. Sarno, literally, not only did it heal my back and shoulder pain — I had been diagnosed with something called frozen shoulder, and all of these diagnoses lead you to the physical therapist and hours of physical therapy. And when Dr. Sarno explained what was going on biologically….it immediately connected for me. The pain lifted.

The Best Approach to Treating TMS. Period.

First described by Dr. John Sarno in the 1970’s, TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome) causes oxygen deprivation to the affected area, resulting in moderate to severe pain. Dr. Sarno has since treated over 10,000 TMS patients through his NYU clinic and tens of thousands more through his published works. His roster of patients includes professional athletes, business and political leaders, actors and medical professionals.

Built upon Dr. Sarno’s approach, our courses impart practical knowledge and skills to give students lasting results. The diverse curriculum incorporates up-to-date research on TMS, audio and video featuring Dr. Sarno as well as other TMS specialists, and interactive explorations for in-depth personal reflection.

Participants come away with a firm understanding of how to heal and prevent pain or other symptoms in the future. A disciplined approach ensures high recovery rates for those who enroll and complete the program.

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Beyond Back Pain

Our foundation course, The Healing Intensive, confronts a full range of TMS manifestations:

Upper as well as lower back pain, including sciatica
Shoulder pain and elbow pain
Neck pain
Headaches and migraines
Repetitive stress injury
Plantar fasciitis
Hip pain and knee pain
Ongoing tendonitis

Lessons are comprehensive and varied. They include a great deal of instructional and interactive content that supports a full and lasting recovery. A series of personal explorations further assists participants in uncovering their unique triggers, giving them a chance to examine areas of their lives most likely to cause TMS. Participants get the opportunity to experience life without pain and move beyond their symptoms, often for the first time in years.

A Better Life Awaits You

BencCraneBEN CRANE, Professional Athlete

Dr. Sarno has been instrumental in giving me a second lease on my career [as a pro golfer]. He’s helped me change the way I think about my back.

JanetBarberJANETTE BARBER, Producer of The Rosie O’Donnell Show

It feels like a miracle because I had hoped that someday I would walk again. I really had given up that I would ever run, and three months later I can run.

I’ve known Janette for fifteen years. Before [Dr. Sarno] she was crying every day from the pain. Now she’s walking again and completely pain free. ROSIE O’DONNELL

The Most Dynamic TMS Program in the World

Recurring pain can have a devastating impact on quality of life, but it is treatable. The MindBody School’s mission is to provide an opportunity for patients to immerse themselves in intensive healing programs specifically aimed at TMS.

Through a structured and advanced approach, motivated and committed participants are given the tools they need to heal TMS related pain. The Healing Intensive and MindBody Enrichment are demanding and rewarding courses. They require participants to take an active role in the healing process and commit to the steps necessary to get better.

The online nature of the programs makes them easy to access and flexible to use. Students can log-in to their courses 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and work whenever they chose, without time constraints or deadlines. You’re encouraged to go at a pace that allows time to both process the new information and complete the personal explorations.

Advanced Course: MindBody Enrichment

MindBody Enrichment is an in-depth course for those who’ve successfully overcome TMS. Participants are fully healed or well on their way to recovery, with well-managed symptoms and a sense of control over their lives. The program is for students intrigued by the mindbody connection and interested in personal exploration. It’s also effective for patients with recurrent episodes of TMS or new manifestations that require ongoing management.

Different from The Healing Intensive, this course offers participants the chance for major life realizations and personal transformations that go well beyond TMS treatment. It’s an exciting and rewarding program for those who’ve completed the Intensive and are ready to dig deeper.

Through a series of interactive exercises and explorations, students come away with a new understanding of themselves and a new outlook on their own potential for personal enrichment and achievement.

Pre-Requisite: The Healing Intensive

Transformational Results

Students of the MindBody School experience life changing results. Ending TMS frees them of pain and other symptoms, which allows them to reclaim normal lives. Upon completion of the first course, participants can expect to resume regular exercise and physical activities immediately. Ordinary movements that were previously intolerable can become part of everyday life again. Rigorous exercise is okay and even recommended for those interested.

Participants can expect resolution of pain within 1-2 months of completing the first course, though many heal faster.

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Based on the research and treatment therapies of Dr. John E Sarno at the Rusk Institute of NYU Medical Center, the MindBody School programs are aimed at healing chronic pain and other TMS related conditions.